Common Questions

The wires keep coming out of my bra. Why?

There are two reasons this could happen: Check you are wearing the correct size. We should be fitted every six to twelve months. The other reason is that the garment may have been machine washed or placed in the dryer. The machine washing can pull the garment out of shape and the dryer will cause heat stress to the item.

The enamel paint is coming off the rings, hooks or eyes. Why?

This can indicate that the garment has been under some form of heat stress or it has come into contact with a bleaching agent. Please dry your garments in the shade and discontinue use of any bleaching agent.

The fabric, straps or elastic is perishing or discolouring. Why?

The main cause for elastic and fabric to perish is that it has been in contact with a bleaching agent or it has been washed in HOT water or been placed in the dryer. As a result the garment starts to deteriorate, in particular around the back and in the straps. Care instructions should always be adhered to when caring for your intimate apparel.