Caring For Your Bra

Hygiene is very important with ALL intimate apparel as it is worn next to the skin.

It is important that you wash your undergarments after each wear. All intimate apparel, in particular briefs, needs regular washing as it absorbs any moisture, sweat, perfume and lotions that have been used on the body.

How to wash

It is important to read the care instructions of the garment that you are intending to wash. It is important to know what kind of washing the material requires, as care instructions vary from item to item.

The general rules are:

  • A warm hand wash is usually the best for bras unless stated otherwise.
  • Wash in gentle washing detergents
  • Dissolve washing powder granules first so they don’t get stuck in the binding and cause irritation to the skin
  • Dry in the shade as the elastic will perish in the sun

To prolong the life of your bra do not do any of the following:

  • Don’t machine wash as it will bend the wires
  • Don’t wash with bleaching agents as it breaks down the elastics and can discolour the bra.
  • Don’t dry in the dryer or microwave as this shrinks the underwire channelling causing the underwire to pop out and breaks down the elastic of the bra. It can also cause the enamel paint to come of the rings, hooks and eyes otherwise known as heat stress.
  • Don’t iron as it will melt the elastic.